Historic Homes

Historic Homes

We regularly undertake works on historic homes where the use of traditional materials and methods is vital in order to preserve the integrity of the property. Our approach is to retain as much of the original building as possible and to specify materials and methods that blend new works into the original.

The use of traditional materials is not just for aesthetic reasons. The way historic construction elements perform can be dramatically reduced if modern materials are utilised for their repair. Lime mortars for example, enable walls to expand and contract due to natural warming and cooling and for water vapour to escape through the wall. Repointing with modern cement mortars that are stronger than the bricks themselves often causes them to break, reduces the ability for water vapour to escape which in turn leads to damp homes and saturated brickwork that will spoil in freezing weather.

If you are the owner of a Listed Building, it is a criminal offence to undertake works which are not sympathetic to its historic integrity.

HousePlanners has a thorough understanding of historic buildings, traditional building materials and the construction methods required to use them.

We have built up a network of suppliers of reclaimed materials from demolition and architectural salvage companies and contractors who specialise in utilising traditional construction methods.